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Dark Side Hayride

Welcome to the Zombie Zoo! 

What is the Zombie Zoo?

Due to the increasing zombie threat, Cox Farms wanted to create a safe environment where people of all ages can come observe and learn about these predators in their natural habitat. The best preparation is knowing your threat!

Where did these zombies come from? Are they being treated well?

We have captured these zombies roaming the local woods and treat them with the respect any civilized person would give to the dead. Of course with family consent, they are fed local, human flesh from the morgue once daily. If you are dying or have a family member you wish to donate to our cause, please complete the application HERE.

What can I learn at the Zombie Zoo?

Take note of the movements of the zombie, the shuffle of the feet, the uncoordinated grasping of the hands and the vacant look in the eyes. Learn about the habits and instincts of the zombie at the Feeding Demonstration.

What would you do if a zombie was coming directly at you?

Experience what this feels like from the safety of your wagon at the Simulated Attack area. Your only possible future is a future where you are PREPARED to handle this very real threat.

Through observation one can learn so much more than is possible from a book or brochure! Don’t forget about the gift shop and concession stand at the end of your ride! We have memorabilia and tasty snacks because learning makes you hungry!

Is the Zombie Zoo Safe?

The Zombie Zoo has state of the art technology, the best brand name fences, and experienced Zombie Handlers creating a 3 tiered defense system. We have spared no expense in creating the safest environment imaginable. There is no possibility of the zombies escaping.

What is the infection? Is there a cure? 

The Zombie infection is a virus that causes end of life, then reanimation shortly thereafter. The brain is controlled by the infection and the desire to eat is a function of the virus trying to keep the host alive for as long as possible. The virus is not air born, but can be spread through most bodily fluids including blood and saliva, hence being bitten will cause infection.

There is no evidence as to where this virus originated. As of this writing there is no cure. We and others have scientists working around the clock in an effort to not only cure but to create an immunization. Although literally billions of lives are at stake, the sequester has cut deeply into the funds going toward research. If you would like to help, we will soon be taking donations.

The future of the human race may be at stake.

We do serve food at Zombie Zoo! Grab a bag of Kettle Corn before entering the zoo.