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Fear Tickets: Assigned Entry Times

When you arrive at the farm, your first stop is the Ticketbooth. Even if you already purchased tickets online, you'll go through the E-Tickets Express line to redeem your voucher for your admission wristband and your Attraction Ticket.

Your Attraction Ticket has entry times listed for each attraction (Dark Side Hayride, Cornightmare, The Forest: Back 40). We assign entry times to minimize the amount of time you spend waiting in line at each attraction. The times listed are your assigned entry times for each attraction; you should be at the attraction's entrance at the time listed on the card. If you are coming with a group of friends, you should stay together in the ticket line to ensure that you are assigned the same entry times. 

Once you have your wristband, you're free to enter the Firegrounds as soon as the gates open at 7:30 PM, regardless of the entry times listed for the attractions. Before, during, and after your scheduled attractions, you are welcome to enjoy everything the Firegrounds has to offer, including bonfires, giant slides, mini attractions, entertainment, food, Foamhenge, and more. 

Attraction entry times are assigned based on the order in which you arrive at the Ticketbooth. Even if you purchase your tickets online in advance, your entry times will not be assigned until you redeem your e-ticket vouchers when you arrive at the farm. The earlier you arrive at the ticketbooth, the earlier times you will be assigned. On busy nights, the early entry times will go fast, meaning that even if you arrive at 8 PM, you could end up being assigned very late entry times. 

Our earliest time assignments are 7:30/8/8:30, meaning you will enter your first attraction right when the gates open at 7:30 PM, and you will finish your final attraction around 9 PM. Of course, at that point, you are free to hang out in the Firegrounds until closing (11 PM). On very busy nights, entry times could go as late as 10:30/11/11:30, meaning that you wouldn't enter your first attraction until 10:30, and you would finish your final attraction around midnight. In that case, you might have an hour or more to spend in the Firegrounds before your attractions.

On busy nights, we will keep the attractions open until the final assigned entry time, which is typically later than our published closing time of 11 PM. This allows everyone to go through the attractions they paid for, as long as they stick to the times listed on their ticket.