Your Fields of Fear Attraction Ticket & Entry Times

Attraction Ticket & Entry Times

Buy Online Before They’re Gone!

We frequently sell out of Deluxe tickets on busy nights. If possible, purchase your tickets online in advance. Once online tickets are sold out, we will have a limited number of same-day Deluxe tickets available for purchase in person at the farm beginning at 10 AM at the Customer Service Booth. When that last batch of Deluxe tickets is gone, we will only offer Fear Basic admission (Firegrounds and hayride only, no Forest or Corn entry).

Arrive Early! Assigned Entry Times

Once you arrive at the ticketbooth on the farm (either to purchase your Deluxe tickets or to redeem your e-Tickets), you will be assigned entry times for the three attractions. These times are based on the order in which you check in at the farm, NOT when you buy your ticket online. If you would like earlier attraction entry times, we recommend arriving by 7 PM even if you have pre-purchased e-Tickets. Later arrivals may be assigned times as late as 10:30/11:00/11:30, meaning that you’d wrap up around midnight.

Obey the Ticket

You’ll receive an “Attraction Ticket” with your entry time for each attraction. Be sure to go to the attractions at the times listed, and in the correct order. Failure to do so may impact your ability to go through all the attractions. While our officially published hours of operation are 7:30-11 PM, assigned entry times range from as early to 7:15 PM to as late as 11:30 PM. As long as you follow the times on your ticket, you’ll get through the attractions.

Time to kill? Hit the Firegrounds.

If you have time to spare, before your entry times or after, check out the Firegrounds! You’ll find food, bonfires, a giant slide, dance party, entertainment, Foamhenge, and more!

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